Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why write?

On Monday, I was hesitant to post.  But I did, anonymously.  My post:  Writing is a way to sort through feelings, set goals, and see change.

After reflecting on Tuesdays Quick-Write and creating this blog, my one sentence needs to be ammended.  Writing is a way to sort through feelings, capture exquisite moments and memories, set goals, and see change.

As I continue to be a part of #TeachersWrite, I anticipate that my one sentence statement will continue to be revised.



Inspired by the Teachers Write! Virtual Summer Writing Camp, I decided to create a blog to record to record my writing.  In the past I have kept my writing to myself.  Yesterday, I took the plunge and posted my quick-write online.  Things I realized from posting-  the power of using a mentor text to inspire writing, and the power of feedback to make me want to do it again.

Below is my quick-write response.


Sometimes, on the aged brick patio,
As the sun breaks through the tangled branches of trees
for its final appearance,
The shy blue sky envelopes and stills me,
The franticness of the day leaves,
and I become aware.