Sunday, December 15, 2013


Instead of constantly checking my Facebook, I have limited myself to checking twice a week.  This is a #nerdlution that I plan on keeping.   Facebook is one way to stay connected, but I don't need to be that connected.  It is more important that I take the time to have actual conversations with those that I am closest too.  Today I spoke with my brother and sister on the phone.  I felt that I got more out of the conversations then I did with liking any of their posts.  Granted, because of what we have posted over the past month, we had a starting point for the conversations.  There was a commonality, and then we went from there and had a deeper conversation, which I am thankful for. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


From the porch, 
Pop held court.
Leaning over the railing, 
Watching, reflecting, 
Imparting thoughts, 
Responding to ideas.
Words that continue
To drive us.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Is a weight
That drags 
All creative thoughts 
From being creative.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Today one of my students inspired me.  She had brought in a poster board with photos that she wanted to share with the class during Morning Meeting.  When it was her turn, her face lit up as she shared the photographs and the stories behind them.  She explained that it was a timeline of milestones of her life.  During questions and comments, a fellow classmate asked why she created it and when did she do it. In my head I was thinking it must have been a project for a previous school year. She replied that she had just created it over Thanksgiving break and she just wanted to share it with us. It got me thinking about my #nerdlution-  carving out creativity time.  She didn't get stuck on making her poster perfect like I find myself doing when I write.  She just created.  In creating, she showed us what brings her joy.  I am envious and inspired.


Preparing students for next week when we go see a production of "twas the night before Christmas".  Today we tackled the poem by dividing into groups of three and playing a version of "I have...Who has?" It was wonderful to listen to the groups and watch as they tried to put the lines in order, helping each other out.  The time spent gathering materials for the game was well spent after I heard a student say that she wanted to play it again. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift of reading

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to shop for books for my students.  From picking the just right book, to wrapping it in colorful paper with a poem attached, to watching my students as they receive their gift, each part of the gift giving process reenergizes me.  For me the best gift to give is the the gift of reading.  Each year judging from my student's reactions, reading is the best gift.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snap shot

After lunch, 
the faint sounds of chimes and running water playing in the background, 
Nine third graders have claimed their spots,
Whether it be with a comfy cushion on the floor,
The teacher's swivel chair, or
Sitting at their seat.
Nine third graders with noses in nine separate books.

One teacher marvels.
Nine students have found their own good fit books,
Jack and Annie, AJ and Andrea, the teacher from the Black Lagoon, Ready Freddy, and Franny K Stein join the nine third graders with noses in nine separate books. 

Whispering treasures found in those nine books.
Connections made. Check. 
And when the timer signals an end to read to self time, 
Nothing beats hearing the collective refrain of "five more minutes" 
from the nine third graders with noses in nine separate books.

Monday, December 2, 2013


#nerdlution to carve out 30 minutes of "Creativity Time" each day, similar to the concept of tummy time.  The purpose of tummy time is to engage, develop and strengthen muscles that would not otherwise be utilized while lying on back.  It provides a different perspective of the world.
Feeling like that part of my spirit, creativity, has been dormant and needs to be reawakened.  During creativity time, I could draw, write, doodle, think, connect, or appproach a task with the lense of how could I do so more creatively.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why write?

On Monday, I was hesitant to post.  But I did, anonymously.  My post:  Writing is a way to sort through feelings, set goals, and see change.

After reflecting on Tuesdays Quick-Write and creating this blog, my one sentence needs to be ammended.  Writing is a way to sort through feelings, capture exquisite moments and memories, set goals, and see change.

As I continue to be a part of #TeachersWrite, I anticipate that my one sentence statement will continue to be revised.



Inspired by the Teachers Write! Virtual Summer Writing Camp, I decided to create a blog to record to record my writing.  In the past I have kept my writing to myself.  Yesterday, I took the plunge and posted my quick-write online.  Things I realized from posting-  the power of using a mentor text to inspire writing, and the power of feedback to make me want to do it again.

Below is my quick-write response.


Sometimes, on the aged brick patio,
As the sun breaks through the tangled branches of trees
for its final appearance,
The shy blue sky envelopes and stills me,
The franticness of the day leaves,
and I become aware.