Saturday, April 9, 2016

National Poetry Month Musings

It started with a Twitter conversation,
and has not yet ended.
The topic National Poetry Month.
"What do you do with your students to celebrate NPM?" posed the moderator. 

As a teacher and a learner,
a more appropriate question-
"What do you do as a learner to celebrate NPM?" 

explore and 
take a risk-
pull it apart, 
take it apart, 
bring bits together, 
reflect some more, 
write some more, 
tie it together.
Take another risk
and hit publish. 


  1. Love what you're doing as a learner! Your poem is a wonderful way to convey your process as a writer and teacher. My favorite: Take another risk, and hit publish."

  2. The flow of the process. The writer's movement and thoughts. The immediacy of hitting publish. Good stuff.